c 1941
I often aquire old cameras that are in mint condition. They appear to be unused. That's the case with this fifty year old Reflex. Even the booklet is spotless.
The Reflex takes #127 film.
The late 50's and early 60's were disturbing times in Toledo, Ohio.
A fundamentalist, religious organization attempted to brainwash area youths in an effort to wreak havoc in that conservative city.

Female converts were forced to mutilate their faces and arms. They were also required to perform "holy" acts with toilet paper.

Bicycle mounted thugs, wearing Converse All Stars, would oversee the rituals.
Young males, eager to join the cult, were forced  to humilate themselves as proof of their dedication to "the cause."
This young woman photographed the rituals with what appears to be a camera similar to the Kodak Reflex.

Her bravery rivals that of any combat photographer ever known.
Here we see a zealot waiting to be lifted into an orbiting spaceship.
The purpose of the rag is shrouded in mystery.
This disturbing image appears in mid roll. I can only imagine what fate these virgins met.
Dominant males surround the compliant female as she plays tic-tac-toe on her leg.
Males, wishing to attain important positions within the movement, were forced to remove large sections of their skulls. These men were known as "flatheads."
Stature grew as more skull and brain was removed.

The women in this photo are displaying their mutilated legs for the flathead's approval.
The final stage.
Ankle socks lowered in submission, the female is subjected to the "mind meld."
Nothing can save her now. Where's Oprah when you need her ?