Herco "Imperial"

The Herco Imperial is the perfect camera for use on a sucky vacation. It's bland and boring despite the weak attempt at an Art Deco face. You know it's pedestrian.

If you're an old like me, your family dragged you along on some sucky vacations when you were a kid. Educational stuff.  Yuck. You wanted swimming pools and vomit-inducing amusement rides. Instead you got some Civil War battlefield site or something.

There was a roll of Kodacolor 620 in this boring little Herco. I put it in some HC-110 (dil. b) for a while.

Dad always took photos of statues and similar things.  No one wanted to see them, but they had to be taken I guess. Not a bad framing job though.

 Another monument.

Note: The above photograph was sent to me by Brad Shupinski . Brad identified the location as Gettysburg Pennsylvania .

I'll bet these people are watching a "historic re-enactment" of some event. Too bad dad blocked the lens. The fence is there to keep people from attacking the actors.

Here's the poor kid that got dragged along. He's wishing the canon would blow his head off. I'll bet his mother told him never to look down the barrel of a canon because "you never know if it's loaded, Johnny."

Yeah. Me too.


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