This found film came from a Brownie Reflex Synchro like the one shown here. The film was sent to me by Justin Smith of Kentucky. Thus far, the film was the worst I've ever had to deal with. You guys don't care about the labor want to see the baby.

Cameras have many uses and among those uses is documentation of important events. Propane delivery is a mundane endeavor to most of the world. Not to the folks involved in this photographic event.

This guy has a V-8 and his name on his jacket. His business probably supported a family somewhere.

I think this is where the propane guy lived. It's a modest ranch paid for by the propane trade.

This is a "starter home." The more expensive model featured a cement walk that actually reached the street. The people that lived here loved the place.

It's not unusual to find "fast forward" shots on found films. Cameras were shoved back into a closet somewhere until a significant event occurred. These two were somehow connected to the propane guy. Prim and proper, they smack of academia. That scary looking thing to the right is a processing aberration and doesn't account for the humorless look on the subjects faces.

That's a crack in the film on the lower right. It's not an earthquake headed for that 1959 Chevy.