Most camera names have little to do with what they look like but the Ansco Panda looks a little like a Panda, doesn't it ?

It's mostly black with some white around the eyes and stuff.

The Panda was made from 1939 until 1950. Nobody was concerned with real Pandas in those days. I assume there were Pandas in your back yard
sixty years ago. I assume there aren't any today.

The Panda looks like a 127 camera but it manages to cram a roll of 620 into its high tech body.


I got a roll of Verichrome Pan from someone in Virginia Beach some time ago.  The film came from a  family owned Panda that had been languishing for decades.


My source informs me that this is her ex-husband's father-in-law. The photo was taken in
Warren, Michigan.  I assume that the trees and the belly are much larger today.

This is a photo of my sources current husband's Fiat. It's possible that the child riding the big wheel trike
went on to be a famous NASCAR driver.

This is a photograph of a pigeon perched on a chain link fence.  I'd guess that
this bird showed up for a few days and was a curiosity
in Warren, Michigan.

I'm not saying that pigeons are rare
in Michigan. I'm saying that this pigeon had some significance for a few days.

I'll bet  the homeowners called him "Walter."

The Panda owner tells me that "this picture was of their neighbor's house looking out of the ex-in-laws front steps."

Ex in laws and visiting pigeons.  I guess we're all pretty much the same.