Two Time Capsules

Most of my found films now come from visitors to this website.  I don't buy many wretched old cameras anymore and my old camera "contacts"
are either out of business or residing in Box City.

Two rolls came to me some time ago. For a variety of reasons they languished in a shoe box here.

Kodak must have sold billions and billions of rolls of Verichrome and Verichrome Pan. I get far more of those film types than any other.

The first roll came from Madison, WI. It was found in a family camera.

  Verichrome Pan - 620. 


Time is relentless of course. It has no regard for anything. It moves along and we go with it.

No matter who we are, time affects us the same way.

Snapshots capture perhaps 1/100 of a second of time. They record that very, very, small instant of our personal timelines as it rushes on.

 - -

This roll of Vpan came from a camera collector in Eubank, KY

Yes, there was a time when the only way to personally record what was on your T.V. was to take a picture of it.

That was the case with this fairly significant event. "Get the camera Harry." "They're on The Moon !"

I used my father's 8mm movie camera to film rock groups on Ed Sullivan a few times. No sound. Just jittery images.

Thanks Dad.