Brownie Hawkeye Flash c1950-1961

If you're over 45 I'm sure one of these cameras crossed your path in your life. Kodak made lots of them.  They're robust cameras. I have about twenty of them and they all still work.

This was a gift, no doubt. A couple of flashbulbs are missing and so is one roll of Verichrome Pan film. The "cloud filter" is unused and the original batteries are mounted in the flash.

This booklet was inside the camera box. Someone spent half a buck to round out the gift. The booklet isn't bad, really. An amateur photog would learn a lot from it.

**** **** **** ****

Father, Mother Brother, Sister. That's what it says on the Christmas stockings that are fastened to the fireplace bricks. I don't know how I'd fasten Christmas stockings to fireplace bricks.

I don't know any Ohio State graduates but I hope they look smarter than junior on the right. His sister's very pretty though.

The egg nog seems to have worn off and junior looks to be his old self in this shot. Dad's wearing an early Christmas present from his wife. Nice shirt.

We love to document generations, don't we ? We're keenly aware of the passage of time and the value of frozen moments.

"This was your grandma, kids....."