Kodak must have sold a zillion Brownie Hawkeye Flash cameras.
1950 - 1961

Houses are important because of what goes on in them. We move through them for a while. Then someone else does.

Generation Gap
You can feel the disapproval, can't you ?

Don't get too close to that candle grandma. That coiffure will go up like a house afire.

Despite the stupid vest and silly tie, the happiness of youth shines in this kids eyes. Everything is possible until the inequities and inherent unfairness of life show you otherwise.

Enjoy the cake, kid. You'll probably succumb to some disease borne on the wind of second hand smoke. Oh, by the way. Take a look to your right. Your  future wife will look like that one day.

It's five minutes of one on the Norge back there. I wonder what's in that open can ? Pork and beans ? Carrots ? Peas ? Clams ?

"Real" photographers sometimes bracket their exposures. They may use a different shutter speed or lens opening.
They do this in an effort to get a better exposure.

Simple cameras like the one used here, have no such adjustments but that didn't stop this photog. No sir !
Bracketing simply meant taking another picture in case the first one "doesn't come out."

I think that's a 1963 Chevy back there.


These kids are retired now. The calf grew up to be lots of hamburg.


Melanoma cultivation