Terry Goggin's Film

A camera collector from Georgia sent this roll of 127 Kodacolor-X film to me a while back. When I cut the seal, the roll uncoiled like, well, it uncoiled quickly. It also rolled itself into a neat little tube about the diameter of a pencil. Try getting a mess like that onto a reel in the dark.  Anyway, you don't want to hear about the labor pains. You want to see the baby.

%&*$#*&@ !

It must be nice to be a cat. To be fascinated by watching something crawl though the grass. To be bissfully unaware of the "big picture." Unaware of sickness, war or even your neighbor's problem with driving under the influence.

I like dogs better than cats. Dogs are more obedient and trusting than cats. They're simply funnier than cats. There's such a huge variety when it comes to dogs. Cats, well they look pretty much the same to me.

Most dogs make me laugh when I see them. Poodles, although they tend to be yappy and at times can be irritating, are incredibly funny looking animals. People love to make them look even funnier. They are full of false bravado and can act like Mike Tyson at a a weigh-in when in fact most squirrels could kick a poodle's ass.

This off-center little guy is dust in some poodle graveyard.


The High and Mighty

Missing feet and motion blur are common features in photos taken with cheap cameras. Motion blur can't hide the fun-loving nature of the lady in this picture. That couldn't be a knife in her hand, could it ?.

These two people are waiting for a plane to arrive at and airport somewhere.  The guy on the left is pretty happy. Lots of big airplanes to look at. Cool new sneakers on his feet and the impending arrival of someone fun. 

The guy on the right is waiting for a connecting flight to Topeka, Kansas where he has a meeting with a client at  Topeka Toothpaste Inc.. He's looking forward to a night at The Motel Six. A pizza and a twelve pack of Schlitz.

His suitcase contains outlines for a new sales campaign and a quart of Seagram's Seven. There's a hole in his left pants pocket.

I'm guessing this is Grandma. She's got the same wild-woman look as her daughter. Junior is practicing the look .

"How was your flight, Ma ?"

"Oh, it was alright I guess."

"How was the meal ?"

"Oh, it was alright I guess."

"Well, you can have a nice nap when we get you to our house."

"Alright, I guess."

  A sister that flew in with granda, most likely. She's a real firecracker, this one. That anchor-patterned blouse with the big collar, tight jeans and wide belt  give it away. I think she was married to Charlie Manson for a short time.

Nice shoes.

  This is a disturbing photograph for a couple of reasons. First of all, it's clearly a body on a bed being sniffed at by the poodle in photograph number two. Secondly it's the last frame on the roll.

I hope granny's nap didn't last a lot longer than expected.