Official Girl Scout 620 Camera - Herbert George Camera Co. Chicago, IL. c 1959

Herbert Weil and George Israel founded The Herbert George Camera Company in 1945.
I bet they considered calling their company The Weil Israel Camera Company for a
second or two before moving on to Herbert George.

Herbert and George made about thirty camera models before selling the company in 1961.
Eleven models were "official" and all of them were associated with Scouts. They also produced
Donald Duck, Roy Rogers and Davy Crockett cameras but they weren't official.

Herb and George made a habit of sticking different labels on identical cameras.  The cameras all
smell the same. Yes, I do smell cameras.  I know it's odd but I don't care.

I've never seen an unofficial Girl Scout Camera. If there's one out there, I'm sure it's valuable.

I don't collect official things of any kind.  I don't care if my car has an official Boston Red Sox muffler.  I have no desire for
a box of official Oprah Winfrey chocolates.  Although I've been tempted, I did resist the urge to buy a pair of official
Sandra Bullock high heels in size 12.  The Official Girl Scout 620 Camera clutters my house because there was a roll of film in it.

Photographs often substitute for "real" memories.  Many of my long gone acquaintances are remembered
through photographs of them and their times. I don't remember what I was like when I was ten
but I have photos of me at that age.  When I look at them I see what my life was like eons ago.
I get glimpses of memory.

Memories are not clear. They are flimsy things. Sometimes they wash through your dreams and you are
amazed at the insignificant thoughts you awake with.