Camera and photographer unknown


These photos are from an exposed roll of film sent to me unsolicited.

1940's I'd guess


People used to get dressed up to walk along the shoreline. Hideous shoes with a matching bag were all the rage. The hat looks like a nipple from a baby's bottle with a bow tied around it. It was warm enough for her to take her gloves off.

This family enjoyed the water I guess. The woman on the right looks a bit like the woman in above.

Photographs from the 1940's always make me wonder about "The War." Was it over ? Was it brewing ? I try to find answers in the people's faces.

Check out that skinny inner-tube. That wouldn't hold up fat old Aunt Gerty.

A common thread is our devotion to children. Two adults make sure Johnny doesn't drown in a foot of water. Right after this photo was taken Johnny screamed "Leave me alone !!"

It was common to leave film in your camera for months I guess. In some cases film was left for sixty years.

I guess this is a sleigh ride or a low production horse manure factory.

These are the final six frames on the roll. The first six were unexposed or otherwise useless. Kodak Verichrome in HC110.