From a Franka Werk "Solida."

Franka Werk (Bayreuth, Germany) was in business from 1910 until 1967. They made dozens and dozens of camera models. Folders were a specialty.

Camera man comes a-visitin'

The old gent likely built the house in this photo. I'll bet he could still do damn near anything when this photo was struck. Flowered, cotton dresses were all the rage in the 1950's. The white belt is a nice touch, isn't it ? Placed in a spot above where her waist used to be, it accentuates her curves nicely. The lady in the doorway has the same look. Sisters ? No doubt about it.

This photo strongly suggests Diane Arbus to me.  I'm guessing it's the grandchild of the couple pictured above and Dad is the photographer. Why aren't dogs freaked out by Halloween costumes ?

Is this the same kid as above ? Where's his costume ? Were the old folks a bit taken back by the approach of Death ? The dog has moved to other interests.

This looks to be Death seated behind the steering wheel of a car. Why is there a bowling pin floating in the frame ?

"Dad, can you take me to where you work again ?"

Thanks to Tom Thomas for contributing this "found film."