In the tank again

Film Drying Chamber

Components pictured above include the following.

Film distributor (top)

Organic film clamps

Organic film weights


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"It took me a while to realize that we're on the same page, just go about reading it aloud in different ways." 

 -- Micheal Larsen

"When someone tells you about a member of their family, even if you don't know them, you listen with appreciation. Because, it's family."

I think that the main reason we listen to stories about other peoples' families is because we are hoping to hear about ourselves. It helps us connect to others. I think that you probably get a special appreciation out of photographs of little kids from the early fifties, because that's sort of like your home planet. That's where you come from. And when I hear about younger brothers, or mothers who helped out with school projects, or fathers who told their kids about baseball, that's a little bit like where I'm from. If I see an excited kid in 1994 unwrapping a Super Nintendo, how can I not love that? Or maybe a kid somewhere, from some other time, whose smile reminds me of a picture of myself, from that age, where I was smiling just like that.


Fly rod and eleven trout. Nicely arranged.

Double exposures were rampant in the old days yet there are none on these rolls. Instead there are occasional blank shots between exposures. That tells me that the photographer would rather waste a frame than ruin two of them.

End of rolls 3-5