Miniature c1947

Is there a full sized Falcon ?  Is that why this is the "Miniature ?"  This camera is equipped with a  50mm GRAF lens.  The camera is the B3 style because it has a rigid viewfinder. There were actually three styles of Falcon Miniatures and three styles of Falcon Miniature Deluxe !  If you find that interesting you need to get a real life.

The camera takes 127 film and came with a partially exposed roll of "Plenachrome" in it. The film was very brittle and actually broke twice while I was loading it onto my developing reel. Having film fracture mid-roll sucks.

I'll bet that bike would be worth a ton of dough today.

Adoring child

 A new car in the family was a big deal when I was a kid. It was a big deal to this family too. Everyone wanted to pose with the car despite the cold. Dad seems less enthralled than his offspring. He's probably wondering if he paid too much.

There was only one car in the family then. Unlike today where multi-car families are the rule. White sox were in vogue too.

I'm pretty sure that's a Buick in the low sunlight.

Mom and Dad

No doubt a solid pair these two. Dad will work on the car himself when something breaks and Mom will make him a sandwich.

A little snow can't diminish the pride of ownership. Look at the photo on the left and note Mom gripping Dad's jacket. She's doing the same thing in the photo above. She loves her man.

Plenachrome in HC110 (B) for six minutes.