From Oregon to Massachusetts

From the past to the present

Kodak sure sold a lot of Verichrome Pan. It shows up far more than any type of found film.
It was one of my favorites but, like my hair, There isn't much of it left.

My parents used it in our Hawkeye Flash. I used to think the roll looked like a big firecracker. A red M-80.
This roll came from a Brownie Flash-Six 20 and Bend, Oregon.

1940 -1954

Easter used to be a big deal. It still is if you think it is.
Kids probably still like it. Once they get those awful Easter clothes off.

Now, just one of Mom and Dad.

If this was around 1960, I'd guess Mom and Dad are pushing eighty, or...

Most likely the photographer for the first three photos.

It wasn't so much her plainness that kept the men away. It was that damn shadow that appeared at her feet everywhere she went.

Click the  above photo for another found film that was rescued from a Brownie Flash-Six 20 a few years back.

Click above for one of my modern day efforts with a Brownie Flash-Six 20

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