Kodak Duaflex IV c1960

Kodak produced millions of Duaflex cameras from 1947 - 1960. There's nothing special about any of them. Although this mint specimen is brown, which is sort of odd.. That's a GE 5B flashbulb up there. When I was a kid, I liked to catch freshly used flashbulbs after they were ejected by the photographer. An uncle or a dad would push a button and the sizzling bulb would pop out of the reflector. I liked to juggle it around like a hot potato. They smelled funny, too.

The box of GE flashbulbs warns the user that: "Static electricity may ignite flashbulbs. Therefore keep bulbs in this package until ready for use." "If lacquer coating becomes damaged, bulbs may shatter when flashed. Examine before use and always use a shield over reflector." "Never flash in explosive atmosphere."

I don't think anybody in my family examined flashbulbs before use and I really doubt they used a shield. The only things that were "shattered" in my family were the photographers. Now that I think about it, I'm surprised that a few of my uncles weren't blown up due to the explosive atmosphere that existed around their heads. "Smile !"....FOOM !

Daddy died a long time ago

Of what I really can't say.

Jimmy got drafted and killed in The War

I think it was on Christmas Day.

Allen took his wife and kids

To Canada, to get away.

Grandma died in the kitchen

She'd have wanted it that way

Aunt Phyllis married that younger guy

But their time together was rough.

She got old too quickly

And he took to that heroin stuff.

Allen's kids are all grown up

The baby a mother now.

But pretty Julie still lives alone

It makes no sense no how.

And Jimmy had a rabbit

He named the damn thing "Paul."

Funny thing about that name

It follows Jimmys on The Wall.


As I was putting the Duaflex away I noted a long blond hair entwined in the camera strap.