Kodak Six-20 Brownie Junior 1934-1942

Well loved and witness to countless family events. This old camera made its way to me in hopes that I could unlock the secrets contined within its final roll of film.


Fashions change over the years but smiles stay the same.

Some old camera shutters open when pressed down or lifted up. This was not a good design and no doubt accounted for many double exposures like the ones on this roll.

I grew up in kind of a rough town. If I'd been seen doing this on my front lawn there would have been hell to pay. Is that a legless poodle down there ?

I'll bet this kid owned a dress shop when he grew up.

Even through the confusion of double exposure, this kids misery shines through. It's gotta be some dress up event. I'm guessin' Easter. Even a tie clip.....yipes.

There's no way in hell that's a woman on the right. If it is, then she needs a denser veil. No, actually she needs a bag.
 Men that dress like women and little boys dancing shirtless on their front lawns.

Who says the 50's were boring ?