Two 127's

Patrick Demspey sent these two rolls of ancient 127 to me. The roll on the left is Kodak Verichrome and the other is Sears Panchromatic. The label says "Return to Sears for Processing." I wonder what they'd say if I did.

The Verichrome contained only two images and the Sears had been exposed to light. This low percentage is common with found films. They lead hard lives.

Mom and Boy Scouts - 1

The picnic table is in the shade. Mom is presenting something to some Boy Scouts and the old boxer is looking at something that's out of the picture frame. It's spring, and for these kids, everything is possible.

Mom and Boy Scouts - Frame 2

Frame one contained five kids. Now there are six. I'm betting Mom put that kerchief on the new kid in frame one. I'll bet he's a new member of Pack 29. The dog remains disinterested. That's his butt over there on the left. Parked out on the sunny street is a big-finned Chrysler, I think. If not, someone will write and point out my mistake. Apparently there was a small atomic weapon detonation that day. You can see the mushroom cloud just rising into the frame at the bottom right. That's Mom's sweater on the bench. Moms always have a sweater nearby.