I receive cameras and films from all over the place. This film, a 127 Verichrome (among others) was sent to me by Craig S.. Craig's not positive but he thinks it came from a Kodak Brownie Reflex Synchro (1941-1952.) Kind of like the camera below.

************* **************

I was puzzled when I first scanned this negative.

What  could "Parkdale Pre__ze be ?

Was it Parkdale Pretzel before some smart ass stole the "L ?" A quick Google showed no Pretzeler by the name of Parkdale.

I did manage to spend an hour reading about pretzels though. You can do the same if you need some sleep sometime.

The next frame cleared it all up.  "Parkdale Presize."
Of course. Except what the hell is that ?

You'll be happy to know that Parkdale Presize was or is in the business of fruit packaging. This facility is in Parkdale, Oregon.

In 1995 someone  named "Galone" was named marketing VP at Diamond Fruit and that's somehow related to Parkdale Presize. You could look it up.

I can't make out what the first two letters are on this boats registration number. I'll assume it's OR. It could be GF but that makes no sense.

That's a hell of a  chunk of fishing line fouled on that outboard, ain' it ?

Dutch boy haircuts. That's what these were called when women used to sport them. The guy at left is "cuffing" a cigarette in his right hand. Kids used to do that to hide the fact that they were smoking. It didn't work so well. It just made it look like your sleeve was on fire.

I've received emails complaining about my "flippant" attitude and lack of sensitivity when dealing with some of my found fims. In fact I'm positive that The Boston Globe decided not to run an article about my found films because some of their whine-bag, liberal, pinko readers might be offended.

The photo at right simply screams for flippancy and insensitivity. I'll refrain this time and let you figure this one out.

Gary Dahl was an advertising man from California.  He invented the "Pet Rock." It's a little known fact that Mr. Dahl lost all his money due to lawsuits from people that were maimed or killed by the "Igor" model, Pet Rock. One is shown, properly restrained, in the photo at left.

Broke and destitute, Dahl hurled himself into a quarry filled with these killer rocks, and died.

"I just gotta get a picture of that hat !"

A hat, a big bag or two, a Hills Brothers coffee can, a fishing net, smokes, matches and bug repellent. I don't know what the lady at center is doing but the lady with the stupid hat  looks a bit scared. Maybe she's loading a handgun to take care of that guy that posed with those kids earlier.

Campfires are cool and they are frequently photographed. I don't know why. The shots are as boring as a sister in law.  I hope they burned that hat.