ANSCO FLASH CLIPPER - 1940's - 1950's

There were a number of "Clippers" and Clipper type cameras made by Ansco. This one takes  discontinued 616 size film. 616 ran from 1932 until 1984. The all metal Clipper has an extending front and is flash syncronized. The lens is fixed-focus.

Red rolls of Verichrome film remind me of sticks of TNT.

When I looked at the negatives I thought; "These must be really old !" I'm no antique car expert, but even in the negative, I could tell these ain't no mini-vans.

Damn ! A car show. One of the "dress up like old times" car shows. I don't think I could dress up like an old timer. I'd feel silly. I dress bad enough as it is.

The old gent on the left has just asked the lady in the REO if she's wearing authentic undies. I swear the guy next to him is Robert Blake.

"Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time."


This car has Michigan tags and says "Water Wonderland" on the bottom. I figured the "86" meant 1986 but 616 film was discontinued in 1984. Is that a "62" above the last "9" on the plate ? I Googled and found this guys website. I collect cameras. He collects Michigan plates. "Water Wonderland" first showed up on Michigan plates in 1954 and was replaced around 1965 with "Water Winter Wonder Land."  This plate was discontinued when one of Michigan's most famous residents,  Elmer Fudd, complained about the difficulty he experienced when trying to use the phrase in his speeches.

Anyway, looking over the Michigan plate website, I'm convinced it's a 1962 plate. You can look yourself if you're one of those argumentative type or if you simply have no real life.

While that split windshield gem on the right would be a classic car today, in 1962 it was a junk box. The front bumper has seen its share of bumps, too. Nobody calls old cars "jalopys" anymore.

This is the last frame with an image on it. I wonder if the photographer had a couple of pops at the car show ? It's actually a pretty good rendition of beer vision, isn't it ? The double ceiling lamp and lurching stove are pretty convincing. The angle is just about right too. It's an "about to hit the floor" angle.