Kodak made two versions of the Brownie Reflex. One was flash synched, the other wasn't.


I do a lot of thinking about memories. Like you, I have a lot of them. My son says I have more "I used tos" than "I'm gonnas."
Events that are decades past aren't clear when they pass through my thoughts. Sometimes I wonder if I remember them or simply recall the pictures of the event.
My father filmed many family events with an 8mm Dejur movie camera which I still have. When I think of my long gone relatives, I see them in those movies.

The squint silently at me. They wave. They make faces. They go into convulsions when the film jumps out of the projector guide sprockets.

The young people in some of these lost photos are looking at a different photographer than the one that produced this unseen one. I'd love to see those photographs.

Some of my memories are black and white. I can't recall my paternal grandparents in color because I've never seen a photo of them in color. My maternal grandparents
were black and white when they were young. Later, when they got really old they got some color.

Memories of my little children

Are only shared by their mother and me.

When we're gone they'll only have pictures

To show how they once used to be.

It's funny how even our memories

Of ourselves slowly  slip away.

The sharp reds and green of our youth

Turn blurry, and vague, and grey.