Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash c1954-1962

"Meet Your Brownie"

Kodak sold millions of "Brownies" before abandoning the name. Maybe they should market a digital Brownie.

This particular camera came with the flash guard pictured on the left. Every now and then a flashbulb would explode and send shards of hot glass into the scene being photographed.

This was standard fashion for a weekend afternoon fifty years ago. The gentleman is wearing a short sleeved, plaid shirt with the collar buttoned. I'm sure his wife bought it for him. His belt is about an inch wide and has a brass buckle. There are no cuffs on his wrinkled pants. He was likely sitting down watching his black and white TV before being summoned for this photo. He's wearing sensible shoes.

His sweetheart has a string of "pearls" around her neck and she's wearing classic 50's eyeglasses. Her cotton, print dress is blowing in the summer breeze. Her shoes are as sensible as her husbands are. She has no pockets so her right hand is rolled into a fist. Her left hand is holding hubby's hand. People never know what to do with their hands when they are photographed.

I think that's a mid 50's Chevy to the left of the husband.

That's a 1959 Chevy on the right. I owned one in the late 60's. I paid $75 for it.  I put an eight-track tape player in it.

There's no way that car fit in the garage pictured here.

I think this is a photograph of a river. It was likely taken through the  side window of a car. But it might have been taken through a windshield which would account for the fact that this is the last frame on the roll of film.