Brownie Holiday Flash - 1954 - 1962

The Brownie Holiday Flash is as common as McDonald's bags on the roadside.

Men love cars. Women see them differently than us.  Cars connect us men to our fading youth. They conjure up images of redheads and leaky water pumps. They remind us of a time when a man could be judged by his tools. A time of timing lights, spark plug wires and top dead center.

The guy in the plaid shirt has the perfect stance for admiring a car.

Being a very masculine man, I understand the love of cars. I do not however, understand the insane devotion that fans of NASCAR style racing exhibit. I wonder why these women are subjecting themselves to the endless streak of cars that pass before them.

There are many photographs of the back of someones head. There's nothing notable about this one.

I always give my found photos a lot of thought before I interpret them. Someone, long ago, bothered to expose film to light so I feel that careful consideration is appropriate.

I'm not sure but I think this guy wound up performing with The Village People for a while. It's also possible that I bought a used 1958 Buick from him in 1966.

I don't know. You tell me.