Kodak Brownie Holiday Camera 1953 - 1957

Available with or without flash. This 127 Kodak is as pedestrian as they come. A shutter button and film advance knob are the only things that break its sleek lines. The Philips-head screws are a nice touch and harken back to the days when you actually could fix things when they broke.

Time Capsule.......

The "Holiday" was meant to take on holiday, I guess. I don't know where this place is, but it's a holiday destination.

A pretty spectacular waterfall set in rugged country. Someone will recognize this place. That big rock that resembles a human head on the bottom right will jog someones memory.

These two holiday shots were frames 1 and 2. There were probably other rolls shot during this particular holiday but this one never made it to the processor. Well, not for about fifty years, anyway.

Keith Slater identified the location of the above photo as - Taugahonnock Falls

Painfully skinny and no doubt wishing she was a big girl. She was the pride of a mother and father. Somewhere. Sometime.

Look at that porch. It's meant for summer nights. No internet, no cable TV. I swear I've been in this house before.

It's still out there somewhere. I hope it's not vinyl-sided.

This looks like an arms length self portrait. There isn't a kid on Earth that had access to a camera, that hasn't done this.

The road that runs past that Ford leads out of town.

Kodak Verichrome Film