Brownie Hawkeye Flash
  "If it's by Kodak you know it's good."

Kodak sold about three zillion Brownie Hawkeyes  from 1950 until 1961. The cameras are capable of taking remarkably "sharp" photos if you hold them still when you trip the shutter.

This was everybody's dad in 1960 something. Sleeves rolled up, a pack of Luckies in his shirt pocket and a fiberglass spinning outfit.  I hope that's not poison ivy you're standing in, Pops.

Mid 60's road dinosaurs and a tilted horizon.

Fall Maple - In red, no doubt.

Is that a windmill on this guys hat ? And why is the door open ?

The mid 60's were great years for the guitar. What with The Beatles and all those other English groups. Elvis was still around but he'd knuckled under to the Brits.

I'll bet this guy was doing a Beatles imitation and his kids were mortified by his act.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah !!"

Not again Dad !

Kodacolor-X in HC110(b)