As common as stupidity. There's nothing about this camera that normally would interest me, but you know why I bought it.


Harry and George retired to the south years ago. They were both shoe salesmen and they were very proud of their shoes. Especially the soles.



Bad shot but I thought you could identify the car. I think it's the back end of a Mercury or Chrysler. Late 50's early 60's



Harry and his wife Gertrude. Harry calls her "Gerty" Show them shoes, Gerty.



Here's Harry's wife, Rose. Age robs us of our good looks and we hate that. Rose has some curlers in her hair. They're going out for dinner and she wants to look hot. That's a garden hose on the right.



Now it's Gerty's turn on the lounge chair.  This isn't as good a shot of the garden hose.



Apparently Harry was still nuts about Rose as she's obviously with child in this photograph. Gerty thought it was disgusting but she didn't say anything. There's a coconut in the tree I think. The bird on the bird house is very still. It's probably an old bird that doesn't even fly north anymore. Hell, neither would I.


Kodak Verichrome in HC110 (b) for five minutes.