Brownie  BULL'S - EYE  1954-1960

6x9 cm on 620 film. A rock-hard bakelite camera with a screwed on metal face and focusing Twindar lens.

Some photographs that pop out of ancient cameras are truly amazing. Consider the fact that this is old Kodacolor-X film, processed in black and white chemistry and taken with a cheap camera and flash.

This old shot has all the elements of a perfect family photograph. A photograph that this family never saw.

Yes, this is from the same roll as the photo above. It appears to be much later than the family shot. It's the last photo on the roll. The family photo was the first. The others were unusable.

Stephanie Siek of The Boston Globe helped me with this found film.

Brownie Hawkeye Flash

These two photos came from a rescued Brownie Hawkeye Flash. One of the most common cameras on Earth. Kodacolor-X again.

I don't know what this is. If you do, please tell me. It looks like a stadium to me. Or maybe a parking garage. I think that's the tail-end of a Ford on the left. But it could be the nose of a Plymouth.

Again, I'm at a loss here. Any ideas ?

Stephanie Siek of The Boston Globe helped me with these found films.