BRAUN "Imperial" c1951

Made in Nuremburg Germany and featuring two iris openings, this sheet-metal beauty came to me with a roll of Kodacolor-X in it. Processing color film in B&W chemistry produces dark orange negatives that are a pain in the butt to scan.

I think these people are Americans but they could be Brits. The tree on the right is a spruce, do they have spruce tree in England ?  The camera came from an American junk store. The sun was high and these people were dressed for an occasion.

The gentleman looks very British. I can almost hear him saying something suggestive to the babe on his right. She's got him by the arm so they are a pair. "What say you drop your knickers tonight, bird ?"

This is a grab shot, and a good one too. It's the perfect snapshot. Lots of personality here. Just after the shutter closed, the lady on the left said "Oh! I wasn't looking at the camera !"

What became of these people ?

A little camera shake. I think this is early '60's. That's granny in her place of honor. She's anchoring the family.

These guys have to be brothers. They have similar noses and identical hairlines. Evidently they were proud of the spruce. I can understand that. Trees take a long time to grow and are at the mercy of man.