More from the box

That big roll is Kodak Verichrome 124-6. It made its debut in 1905 and was discontinued in 1961.

3 1/4" x 4 1/4"

I don't have a reel big enough to accommodate 124 so I used a dip method. It's messy but I don't anticipate having to do too much 124 in the future.

Here I am in my darkroom using my dip method for 124 film.

There were only two images on the roll of 124-6. The negatives are massive for roll film.

Nice place for a Wal-Mart !

 - - - -

Now back to the 120 size Tri-X

We men like to look serious in our portraits. That smiley stuff is for girls.

Note the static electricity "veins" from advancing the film too quickly.

Today this guy is in his mid 40's I estimate.

"Hey, man..can I borrow your afro pick ?"

Sleep is mundane. Everybody does it. It's only miraculous when your kids do it.

Flying "Business Class" to some wicked cool place.

No doubt this is grandma and grandpa. Likely part of the destination.

I don't know if you remember Wendy's "Finger Dogs." You wrapped a cold cut around your finger and ate it. They weren't much of a success but they bring big money on Ebay.

Grandpa is about to dip his Finger Dog into his coffee.

This is a waste gas flare at a power plant or similar location.

Same as above with some sort of water spray.

Dad really knew how to entertain his family ! Man, I'll bet the kids were wild about the visit to this place. Dad probably worked in a place like this and loved it. He couldn't understand why the wife and kids weren't fascinated
with this control panel.

If this is a power plant, the photo further demonstrates how the fanatics involved in 9/11 changed America. Try bringing a camera into a power plant today.