This box of film was sent to me from Oregon. A junk store owner asked me if I wanted it for the price of shipping. My shelves are filled with unprocessed film but I couldn't say no.

I processed two rolls of Tri-X. The results are below.


Anybody recognize this skyline ?

The skyline in the February 26 photos is that of Seattle, Washington.  The shots were made from the car deck of one of the Washington State ferries that run across Puget Sound from Bainbridge Island.  The ferry from Bremerton is not likely since it would be coming from the right, and would have to pass the headland on the right before Seattle came into view.  Since there is no vessel wake in the photos, the ferry was headed toward Seattle, not away from it.
Puget Sound is too wide and too deep for a bridge.  I live in Port Townsend, Washington, out on the Olympic Peninsula about an hour’s drive from the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal, and I usually take the ferry when heading to Seattle.  I’ve seen that view many times.  (It’s possible to drive south from Port Townsend down to Olympia and then up to Seattle—but the time required is about the same whether by ferry or by road.  The ferry is a more direct route, but wait times at the ferry terminal must be factored in.  The big plus for the ferry is the nice and fun 30 minute ride across Puget Sound.
The February 27 photos could have been taken from any number of places in the Puget Sound.  My gut feeling is that it was taken from the highlands of Bainbridge Island, looking across Puget Sound toward Seattle, which is obscured by the fog.  Given the leaves on the trees, it would have been taken in the summer (which most years starts in mid-July when the clouds go away), and that is when fog is fairly common in the mornings.

-K Fleming
Port Townsend, WA

Baby teeth

Special Weapons And Tactics

This guy was used to "cute" bad guys into surrendering.

Mom's makin' a pie.

Homework and Calculator

You remember when calculators were a big deal, right ?

"General Failure Reading Drive C:"

This guy was a power user. He's got floppies in both the A and B drives. He's about to give a DOS command at the C:/> prompt.

Abort ?  Fail?  Retry?

"Cool ! I made a PIE CHART !"

The possibilities are endless until reality sets in.

Every Friday night these guys got together to read the phone book. It was NUTS !

Those knowing eyes. Furrowed brow. That thinning hair. The smell of stop bath. This guy is the photographer. His out stretched arms suggest a self portrait.

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