Old Man Texas is, apparently, a sort of mascot for BSA Troop 70 out of Dallas, Texas. You could look it up.

I think this is the main entrance to a big ol'  Texas BSA jamboree.  If you wanted to attend, I guess you had to walk between Old Man Texas' legs. Frankly, I don't like the guy. Maybe I'm intimidated by his moustache. There's also that cowboy hat and them there boots.

He's worth four guide wires to hold him down should a big ol' Texas wind come up and try to blow him to Oklahoma.

It's inevitable that I'll get a nasty email from someone that Googled "BSA Troop 70 etc." That's O.K., humor is a complicated thing.

Today people are suspicious of you
if you photograph kids.  I wouldn't
attempt to photograph a scout rally.
Whether it be Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts
or whatever.