Juvenile Delinquents. That's what they called kids like these in the 1950's. The kid in the front seat passenger seat appears to be ahead of his time. Is he smokin' something or playing a kazoo ?

There's enough grease on those heads to lube up the running gear of that tractor trailer. Hey ! What the hell was the driving age then ? Eleven ?


Ah...so's your old man !


Punk Boy Scout in the backseat of Dad's Buick convertible. Minimal hair movement despite high speed and head thrashing to Elvis on crappy AM radio turned up high.

James Dean or Buddy Holly may be seated to his right.


I see someone in a ski parka and goggles being handcuffed by The Ham Burglar.


I am confused by this photograph. Is this a really skinny male photographer with a military haircut or is this a really skinny female photographer with a military haircut ? If it's a guy, he sure as hell picked some awful clothes on that day.


I don't know what the hell is going on here. Well I do know but I don't know what to make of it. I gonna believe it's simply teenage lust and high spirits. If this was photographed in the back of Dad's Buick and he found out about it, someone's ass would be in trouble.


I usually wonder why my found films never made it to the corner drug store for processing. I don't wonder about this one.


Where bad Boy Scouts go.

Verichrome 620