Big Box of Treasure

Brownie Holiday Flash ? Nope not this roll

  An antique dealer in northern New England provided me with a couple of smelly old cameras in the past. I don't think I've had any luck with the films they contained. This guy travels around the country and buys stuff.

 The box at left contains 13 rolls of exposed 127 film of various types. As you can see it also contains a Brownie Holday Flash Camera (c1954-1962.) There's a  couple of 620's in the box, too.

There's no guarantee that the camera and films were once mated but the chances are good that they were. The dates are right. The photos are the right format.

This roll was not done with a Holiday Flash as these are 4x4 negatives

The rolls are wound up tight and glued shut. A couple are labeled but the ink has faded and they are illegible. Somebody cared about these shots from fifty years ago. Now they are under my care and I'll present the photos as I process them.

  ROLL #6

  One roll processed 2/23/08

**** **** **** ****

The ability to curl your tongue is a hereditary trait. If you can't do it, you can't do it, no matter how hard you try.  The guy at left can curl his tongue. He can't shave but he can curl his tongue. If you'd like to know more about tongue curl genetics, there's lots of information on the internet.

By the way, I can curl my tongue. Can YOU ?

Funeral expenses can be awfully high. I know because there are ads on TV all the time urging me to pre-pay for my final expenses. I'm not worried though. My final expenses will be handled by my family. Five gallons of gasoline and some marshmallows.

Before there were laws governing the treatment of corpses, scenes like this one were common. An air mattress a couple of towels and a book for the afterlife. You could drive your car up to the fence, pay your respects and head off for an ice cream or something.

I believe that's a 1963 Chrysler and a 1957 Chevy. Does anyone recognize those license plates ?

A brother and a sister,
A little boy and girl,
And whoever took that picture
Captured our own world.

A brother needs a sister
To watch what he can do,
To protect and to torture,
To boss around it's true;
But a brother will defend her
For a sister's love is pure,
Because she thinks he's wonderful
When he is not so sure.

-Loudon Wainwright "The Picture"

Check them rear shocks, buddy.

'51 Buick ?

This woman is saying the word "ass." As in "Don't take a picture of my ass."

A cookies last moments.

Boy Scout uniforms are...well....uh...awful.

Boy Scout rendezvous at Cities Services.

Now, if you've been paying attention to the stories from this box of found films you'll recognize this dog and this location. This is the dog that grandpa soul kissed on roll five. And this is where it happened. Am I imagining this or is the female in this photo sticking her tongue out ? If so, what does it mean ?

See the photo below for grandpa and the dog from roll five.

Distrurbing, isn't it ?

Kodak Verichrome.