Big Box of Treasure

ROLLS 4 & 5

Brownie Holiday Flash ?

  An antique dealer in northern New England provided me with a couple of smelly old cameras in the past. I don't think I've had any luck with the films they contained. This guy travels around the country and buys stuff.

 The box at left contains 13 rolls of exposed 127 film of various types. As you can see it also contains a Brownie Holday Flash Camera (c1954-1962.) There's a  couple of 620's in the box, too.

There's no guarantee that the camera and films were once mated but the chances are good that they were. The dates are right. The photos are the right format.

The rolls are wound up tight and glued shut. A couple are labeled but the ink has faded and they are illegible. Somebody cared about these shots from fifty years ago. Now they are under my care and I'll present the photos as I process them. This page features photos from rolls four and five.


  Two rolls processed 2/18/08

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Roll four Verichrome Pan

  The beautiful young lady in this wonderful photograph is around sixty today. Her kids are grown and gone. She's probably a grandma. That rat-dog she once loved has long since been dust. She probably drove that '56 Chevy after she grew a bit. How she'd treasure this photo today.

"In the picture there's a fender of our old Chevrolet
Or Pontiac, our dad would know, surely he could say;
But dad is dead and we grow old;
It's true that time flies by;
And in forty years the world has changed
As well as you and I."

From "The Picture" by Loudon Wainwright

Frames in order

I'm sure that this skyline looks quite different today. The big building at center has some significance to the photographer, I think.

Those six square things are big lights. They are illuminating a significant structure, no doubt.

I wonder if this is a college photograph. These two kids first night at school ?

The goof with the duck's ass haircut is giving a "thumbs up" to the photog. He probably thinks the redhead next to him is all his.

I doubt it, chief.

There was a short lived light bulb photography movement in the mid 50's. Kind of a beatnick thing. Remember ? I don't.

Roll Five - Ansco All Weather

You've heard of Police Dogs, right ? K-9 Corps. Well this is a Fashion Police Dog. They were trained to detain people that broke fashion rules like wearing stripes and plaids. What a horror !

Do you remember those dogs ? I don't.

Retribution for breaking fashion rules was swift and brutal. Do you remember the fashion hangings of 1956 ? I don't.

Aging is not fun. Sometimes it robs us of whatever sense we may have left after a life of senselessness.

Well, I suppose there are worse things than riding your bike around town and swapping spit with dogs.  I'm sure the dogs look forward to cleaning grandpa's dentures. Unless, of course, he forgot them, again.

This is a dramatic photograph. To me, it looks like the lady at the right has just received some terrible news. Was grandpa de-faced by a pitbull ? Did the redhead at college run off with the guy with the duck's ass ?

I don't know. Maybe she's just taking off a necklace. Nah, it's bad news for sure.

The meditation movement had its roots in the early 1950's. Everyone remembers Harry Krishna. I'm pretty sure this is his lesser known sister, Harriet. She invented the "ladies lotus" postion. Kind of a side saddle thing.

Do you remember her ? I don't.

Babys sure are great. I was one once and so were you. So was your neighbor and the guy that owns that hub cap collection down the street. The baby at center sure has a lot of water in her diaper. The photographer got the lady at left in mid itch. Either that or she's reaching for a pack of smokes in her socks.

Do you remember being a baby ? I don't. I know I was though. I have pictures of me when I was a baby. I'll bet you do too.