Big Box of Treasure

Brownie Holiday Flash ?

  An antique dealer in northern New England provided me with a couple of smelly old cameras in the past. I don't think I've had any luck with the films they contained. This guy travels around the country and buys stuff.

 The box at left contains 13 rolls of exposed 127 film of various types. As you can see it also contains a Brownie Holday Flash Camera (c1954-1962.) There's a  couple of 620's in the box, too.

There's no guarantee that the camera and films were once mated but the chances are good that they were. The dates are right. The photos are the right format.

The rolls are wound up tight and glued shut. A couple are labeled but the ink has faded and they are illegible. Somebody cared about these shots from fifty years ago. Now they are under my care and I'll present the photos as I process them.

 Mystery after mystery after mystery.

Three rolls processed 2/16/08

**** **** **** ****

I'm gonna make a wild guess here. Grand Canyon, AZ.. The guy on the right appears to be looking into a waist-level camera viewfinder. The other is looking for rattlesnakes.

Serious light leaks

The sign reads: "Photo Shack" "12 Minute Service." That's a 1959 Oldsmobile. The motion blur of the person in the hat is typical of a cheap camera with a slow shutter speed.

End of roll

A drink. A cigarette. Some books and a piano. I'll bet this kid likes the first two best.

Firearms rule #1. Don't point a gun at something unless you mean to shoot it.  This lunkhead never heard that rule or simply chose to ignore it. Excuse me, but I like to slap him upside the head.

He's got a pack a smokes in his shirt pocket. Lucky Strikes or Camels probably. There's a nice sampler on the wall behind this short bus passenger. It says something about blessing this home. Yup. Right.

End of roll

Niagara Falls ?

This was the only salvagable shot on the roll. The rest were light blasted out of existence.