The 1957 Sawyer's Nomad 620 gets my vote for the ugliest camera ever produced. This particular specimen raises the ugly bar.


The Bell and Howell Electric Eye 127  from 1958 is a pretty nice camera. I have two of these cutting edge picture machines and they both work perfectly. Click HERE for modern work done with one.

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Nomad 620 found film

The guy at the left has a Mister "T" starter set around his neck. An early bling, really. The relaxed grip on his bottle indicates years of experience.

Potato salad and chicken, I think.

The heavy use of hair spray and the proximity of the intense flashbulb burst caused a coiffure conflagration immediately after this photograph was taken.

That young fella seems to be enjoying himself. I don't blame him.

That's granny sitting under the bell collection. Photographs of seniors have a special place in our hearts. We never admit it, but we always wonder how many more  there will be.

 Granny appears to be ready to pounce on the potato salad. She's got a fork in her right hand. I hope no one was injured.

 There appears to be some early use of refrigerator magnets in this shot. These people were cutting edge.

  Ten minutes before eight on some day in the sixties.

The following were from the Bell and Howell camera.

Pictures of young lovers like this often show them in this pose. You  can usually see the females hand but the mans hand is hidden. I always wonder where it is.

"Go stand over there."

Again, the missing hand.

 "House of Tomorrow."