Beacon Two- twenty five c1950 - 1958

Whitehouse Products made four cameras. The Beacon, Beacon II, Beacon two-twenty five and the Charlie Tuna camera.

The 225 is a very stylish camera. It sports a coated lens with two openings and a collapsible front.


I remember stores like this one. They were the high-tech meccas of the 1950's and 60's. You could get an FM radio if you wanted to listen to "long hair" music or a short wave receiver to hear gibberish from Europe. I clearly remember standing in line to see a color t.v. in a store like this.

The sweetheart on the left has apparently won something from the dude with the cool shoes. I'm guessing it was the TV between them. But that little piece of paper they are both holding could easily be a gift certificate for a dinner for two at the local greasy spoon.

Cool linoleum.

Is that the Spanish word for "goodybye" or simply a "radios" sign ?