Kodak Baby Brownie Special
1939 - 1954

The BBS produced 6x4.5 cm images on 127 film. I guess that's what made it special.

Dear Mom and Dad
So far I'm enjoying military life. We got our dress uniforms today and mine fits pretty well. I received my first assingment today. I'm in charge of that trash can behind me !

Here's my friend, Billy. He's from Spokane, Washington.  He took the pictures of me using that camera you sent. He says we might be going to a place called "Korea."

Here's the view from my barracks. We drill out there in all kinds of weather.

"You O.K., kid ?"Here's Sgt. Kelly. He's my drill instructor. I took this picture during hand to hand combat training. I was only in the hospital for a few hours.

"You O.K., kid ?"