Kodak Baby Brownie 1934-1941

The Baby Brownie is a very cool camera. It's well made and has makes a satisfying ratchet noise when the film is advanced. I've got a few of them and they are all in remarkably good shape. This one contained a roll of unnamed film.

Few people are aware of the fact that Bonnie's sister, "Bunny"and Clyde's brother, "Clive" terrorized the midwest, many years ago. That's their blind, castrated dog, "Lucky."

Bunny and Clive robbed shoe stores and stole only rubber boots. Bunny is wearing a pair in the photo to the left.  The pair caused "The Great Rubber Boot Shortage" in Kansas. It was an awful time to live in Kansas.

  Clive's brother "Cliff," often accompanied him when they pulled a boot job. Clive no longer invited him after Cliff started stealing high-heels. Clive also felt that the .22 Cliff carried was not up to snuff.

Boot booty
Bunny and Clive were known to consort with their married cousins,"Barny"  and "Chloe." Chloe shared the rubber boot passion with her cousins.

Lucky never lifted his tail again after that visit to the doggie hospital.

This is the last useable shot on the roll. I'll bet the next one showed the front seat of the car just full of rubber boots.