Argus - Super Seventy Five 1954 - 1958

Similar to The Argus Seventy Five but with fancy features like a zone - focus, coated "Lumar" lens and three lens openings. It's a rugged camera aimed at the more savvy snapshot photographers of the day.  The matching flash completes this handsome camera.

I don't need another Super Seventy Five although this one is nicer than the one on my shelf. It was part of a three camera deal from an aquaintance in L.A.. The other cameras go into the "I can't throw this away" pile.

  Day trips can be murder when you're a kid. Your parents drag you someplace that sucks. A place with nothing to do.  No beach (which really sucks when you're a Beach Bum,) no rides, no nothin'.

"Gee I hate it when dad wears black socks with his shorts."

  The concept of sitting atop big boulders seems like fun to parents, but they won't let you climb on them or anything.  You can't throw rocks, you can only sit there in the sun.

The kids seemed to like it so much that mom and grannie had to give it a shot. They made the kids get down  first though. Having three generations on those hazardous rocks is flirting with generational tragedy.

Grannie's collar is pretty cool though. If she pulls the ends of it up over her head it doubles as a sun hat !

I'm reminded of Micheal Jackson dangling his baby out the window for the photographers. Ol' White Legs has his kid perched on the railing in the center of this shot. Grannie is standing just to the right. She's got her hand over her mouth. I'm guessing it's altitude sickness or loose dentures. I don't know who the leggy lady is behind them but I'll bet Dad noticed. The old dog.

Yup, typical of a lousy day trip. Some crummy, busted up old trees and a place to sit among among them. Grannie's aware that she's being photographed.

"Gee I hope those people don't fall off that dangerous walkway." "And those  boulders !" "My goodness !" "I wonder what that black stuff is that's falling all over Junior and I."

Further evidence of suckiness. Kids can climb trees anywhere. It's no fun when your parents are around.

"Don't fall !"

"Honey, turn sideways." "You know love that !"

Apparently there weren't enough photo ops on the day trip. Before this photograph was taken, the kid could see just fine.

"Whoa DUDE !" "That's realllly bright, man !" "You got any Twinkies or somethin' ?"

Check out that table decoration. A group of glass balls. What's up with table decorations, anyway ? They just take up room and you hafta move them when you want to actually use the table.

Mother and daughther, no doubt. A really pretty pair of ladies, I think. The car is pretty ugly but that butterfly pocketbook is very groovy.

Kodacolor - X in HC110