Argus A2B - c1939 - 1950 Ann Arbor MI and Chicago IL

Camera and automobile manufacturers used to make stylish products.
Not anymore.

The Argus A2's were mass produced but well finished and rugged.
The one at left still works perfectly even though  it's at least fifty eight
years old.

The A2B has an extinction meter (which is now extinct) and a slide rule exposure calculator.

"Dear sir"

"I've vistited your website many times and always hoped I'd find an old camera to send you. Here's one I found at a flea market in Effingham IL. I don't know if it works
I can't get it open. The person that sold it to me didn't know where it came from. I hope the role of film has something on it."

I know how to open an A2. There was another roll of film accompanying A2B #72453.

Role (roll) 1

*** **** ***** ****** *******

I believe this is a big load of propane. No, not the guy, the stuff in the old Dodge. It looks to me that
this is a morning delivery. Business apears to be good.

I'm a man that's familiar with gas and I can tell you this guy has a lot more than I do.

Typical gas pusher.

Filling manifold. No smoking alllowed.

Real men. Real gas.

Wherever men with gas gather, beautiful women are sure to appear.

Sometimes they lean to the right due to the disorentation caused by propane
inhalation or something.

Life is a roll (role?) of the dice. A hand of cards. A toss of a coin.

Some of us are tall, others are short. Some of us are good at math
some of us are good at spellening. Some of us are pleasing to look at
and some of us aren't.

Some of us get an extra pitcher on a role of film.