I've got half a dozen Argus 75's. I don't need another but this one had film in it. It was on frame #4 so I shot the remainder at a favorite site of mine. The old mills in Holyoke MA.

The first four frames were unusable. A common occurance among found film fanatics. Ah, well.


I spent over thirty years working in heavy industry. Big manufacturing sites with thousands of employees.  The plants never closed, there was always someone there to stoke the fire. There were so many lives. So many stories.

I didn't work at Norman Paper Company but I can imagine what it was like. These were the days before OSHA and unions. If you lost a hand, you went home. You got no money. You did what you were told.

  Manufacturing buildings were hulking and foreboding. Steam sprung from traps. Condensate dripped on your head. Danger lay in dark corners.  But, there was money to be made. The jobs paid good wages.

Another entrance to Hell

  This Diamond Reo is slowly settling into the ground. The odometer reads 187,630 miles.