argus 40 c1950-1954

 Argus hooked some pretty good lenses onto their crappy cameras. The fact that they used lower case letters for their camera names is cool too. The Argus 40 wasn't your typical fake TLR... hell no. This guy had four shutter speeds (and B) along with a lens that stopped down to f16. The Varex lens was "hard coated" and range focused. Double exposure prevention and a bright viewfinder rounded out the package.

 There was an argoflex 40 that was exactly like the argus 40. No one really cares though. Well, maybe you do, and I do too, sort of. Check out Dean's argus 40 page.


  A big house around Christmas.  Whoever shot this thought about it for a bit.  Not a bad exposure, eh ?

  At first I thought this might be a photo of The Carpenters but I don't think so anymore. Brother and sister though, no doubt. I've been in this house, I think. I recognize the light above Karens head.

Forced hot air heating/cooling and Keds. These were  privileged kids and I'll bet they had no idea that they were.