1949 - 1958

 The argoflex Seventy - five is typical of of the cheap TLR's Argus made in the  50's. But it's not without style and it's a decent performer when kept within its limits.

This camera is as mint as they come. I wouldn't be surprised if the roll of film found within it was the only roll ever run through this argoflex. The camera made its way to me from  Georgia.

I'm no hoss expert but I'll bet this one cost some serious dough. The adoring man has that old money look to him.  The haircut goes well with his pants.

These guys all had the same hair style. That's Don Defoe next to the pointy blonde next to Ronald. Don Defoe was George Baxter on "Hazel."

 A horse walks into a bar. The bartender looks at him and says; "Why the long face ?"

That's a lot of hay and a lot of land.

"Nobody's lookin', I'm just gonna stroll over to that hay....."

 There's a strong resemblance to the young Roy Orbison here. I'll bet he couldn't sing

 like Roy Orbison.  Hell,  nobody could sing like Roy Orbison.

 It's been documented that horses can do math. I'm sure you've seen it done on television. This photo shows a long gone horse calculating the ratio of horse pounds to glue pounds.