I don't remember where I got this beat up old Agfa but it was a while ago. I found it in a box of 620 spools yesterday.

Someone loved this camera and when a twist of fate smashed a hole in the lens mount, the camera was skillfully repaired with electrical tape. The shutter still "fires" despite a nice petina of rust and cobwebs.

6x9 cm images on 620 rollfilm. "For Best Results use Agfa PB-20 Film."

Agfa Ansco Pioneer - c1940

I think this was called a "house dress." Simple and practical, like a good hat should be. Canvas sneakers with no socks, a barbeque on wheels and solvent storage nearby. Those are the neighbors "G.I. cans" on the other side of the fence.

"Lemme do one a little closer, honey."

Those slow shutter speeds ruined millions of photos years ago. You need to fill in the details yourself. I can do it.

This woman, and the one above have very similar "arm hangs." I think they're sisters. That's some 60's Ford/Mercury iron in the background.

AM radio (optional) and a three on the tree.

I remember dresses and girls like this. I would have thought she was pretty nice. Bangs, a barette, matching collar and cuffs. Hell, she might even be a redhead.

I don't recognize this car but I know someone will. I think Lt. Columbo drove something like this. Didn't he ?

"Oh ! Just one more thing."

I think that's an orange under the right front tire. It might be a tennis ball or maybe a potato. Nah, it's an orange.

If you are looking at this page later than 12/10/06, please don't write to tell me what kind of car this is. I appreciate your interest but I'm pretty sure I'll know before that.