Roll number three from Quebec

- - -

Roll three is presented out of order, but that's just the way it is. We're back at Expo 67 here.

A couple of buddies waiting to get into something. I didn't look like this in 1967. I looked like this in 1962.

This is The Hofbrau House. See the statues of big ladies holding really big steins of beer ? See the women and children wondering why dad has been inside for so long ?
I think the guy on the right wants to go inside but his wife (just out of the frame) has him by the ear.

I believe dad took the rest of these photos after leaving the beer exhibit.

I'm sure it was difficult to see those little numbers in that little red window on the back of the camera in the bright Canadian sun.

I wonder if you can get arrested for PUI in Canada ?

- - - -