No. 2A  Brownie  - 1907 - 1933

I bought this camera some time ago from a junk store in Wisconsin. It arrived in a box full of styrofoam peanuts. The camera had a roll of 116 film in it that I'd  processed.  CLICK.

Apparently there were other rolls of film associated with this camera's history and I'd pulled them out of the box and forgotten about them. I ran one through the darkroom last night.

Americans like to photograph our families and we include our dogs in those families.  Family photos always include a dog or two.

People change over the decades but dogs always have that same  simple look about them. I guess it's a tribute to the families that took care of them. And a testimony to shallow thinking.

When you live in hay country, good sticks are hard to find. This accounts for the obvious pride shown by this long lost Collie.

Ruff !

Today many of us daily toil with no end in sight. At the end of the day we've done nothing but clear the way for another barrage of what we did yesterday.

A big task, once completed, is worth documenting.

I've used a chainsaw a few times in my life so I can tell you  for sure that's what these guys are a' usin' here.

I ain't no doctor but I sure know sumpin' 'bout human anatomy. I swear to God that's a human's left arm in that tree up there next to the ladder.