There's always a camera in the boat and catch and release is the rule. Below are some links to pictures of fish I've known and loved over the years.

A nine pounder from Quabbin

Some largemouth from here and there

Late afternoon

Eight pounder from shore

Pay no attention

Rain ?

Two Quabbin fives

Dave G. with a five pound smallmouth

Just largemouth

Just smallmouth

More smallies

Even more smallies


Mark's summer bass

Big tail

Just a stick in the water

Cold smallmouth

November smallies

Last day for a while

A couple of Stripers from "The River:"

Eating machine

Senkos suck

No comment

Same as above

Fishing 2004

Fishing 2005

Still here in 2006

2007 and still kickin'

2008 On the water again

2009 season

2010 season

2011 season

2012 - season

2013 season

Quabbin information (non-fishing)


Background photo taken by Dave Gere

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