Zorki - C 1955-1958

Manufactured by Krasnogorsk Mechanical Factory (KMZ) near Moscow

Styled after the Leica II but it sure ain't no Leica. It has two viewfinders, one is for composing and the other is focusing. It's an easy camera to focus. The shutter is really quiet but that little rewind knob is a pain in the ass.

The dual range shutter speed selector and shutter release. You turn the shutter release before winding film back into the film canister.

While you're not going to mistake the Zorki for a Leica, the lens has a certain Leica quality to it. This was shot wide open (f3.5.)

I took this on one of the rare warm days (42) we've had this late winter.

Home made latch - Granby MA

Squeaky hinge - Granby MA

The latest of many

Kodak Gold - 200