YASHICA LYNX 1000 c1960

One of the most satisfying things about classic cameras is that so many of them still function after decades of use. The Lynx 1000 features the excellent Yashinon lens and has a top shutter speed of 1/1000.

The finder is bright and has an easy to see frame. The coupled rangefinder works perfectly. The light meter is right on the button. The Lynx has a solid feel. It would make an excellent weapon in an alley fight.

Abandoned Farm - Greenfield MA

It's been a hot summer in western Massachusetts. Day after day of heat and humidity. I went north looking for relief today but I found none. I'll try and remember that when it's ten below zero this winter.

Heat rises and distorts objects in the distance. Deer flies buzz.

Church on Rte 122 - Colrain MA

Calves - Colrain MA

Old Mill - Shelburne Falls MA

Rivers once attracted industry in America. These old buildings are mostly empty.

Barn - Palmer MA

Door and Walkway - Ware MA

Kodak Gold 200