An Imperial Christmas


I wanted to take some vintage snapshots at Christmas and I chose this mint Imperial Reflex for the project.

The Imperial reflex is a Herbert George creation (Herbert Weil and George Israel.) It's from the mid 1950's and requires 620 film. Even though it's chintzy as hell it's a cool looking camera.

Lee Harvey Oswald had an Imperial Reflex which was used to take this famous photograph.

I popped in a few flashbulbs and got the photos below.





"Timber" along with my knees and left foot.

The family at dinner. Two big turkeys, a massive ham and all the other stuff.

 It could be 1955, right ?

Grandma and Grandpa. Both well into their 80's.

Timber is absolutely tireless when it comes to a game of fetch. Here he is begging for just one more toss of the ball.


The men eventually make it to the porch. Some fall asleep there.


Notes: I discovered that the shutter wasn't opening all the way after I exposed the roll. This accounts for the vignetting. Film was Agfa 100 in Accutol 1:10 for eight minutes.